Saturday, April 4, 2015

Book Review: Pie Girls

by: Lauren Clark

Searcy in the beginning of this book, seemed like she belonged on an episode of "True Housewives" and I think even she would admit that. Her world comes crashing down when her husband tells her he doesn't want to be married anymore. She has to find a new place to live, and her lavish lifestyle is OVER! When her Mama calls and asks her to come home to help out, she jumps at the chance to escape until she can figure things out.

Once she is home, things really start to fall into place for her. Although her mother isn't well, and the business is failing. Searcy finds a strength she didn't know she had to help the people she loves.

I liked this book. I truly did. It moves super fast and easy. A great beach read with some very sweet romance included. I can't help but feel that it also went too fast. There's no real explanation for Searcy's complete personality change. She was still completely snobbish when she got home. Then, poof, she's all down to earth and can't believe how spoiled she'd acted the previous 10 years or so. There were some big moments and they just never got the attention they deserved. It was rushed. But still, I would say it was worthy entertainment.

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