Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Reviews: The Last Policeman books 2 & 3

Countdown City

by: Ben Winters

Henry Palace is back! He is no longer officially a policeman, but he hasn't given up his detective ways. His old babysitter's husband is a missing person, in a world full of missing people and little infrastructure to find anyone. Henry knows it isn't likely he'll find the guy, and even if he does, he has no authority to force him to come back.

Everyone thinks Henry has lost it. Why is he even bothering? The end is drawing ever closer and chances are the guy just went "bucket list."

But something just feels off about this. And I think that if Henry doesn't keep busy, he knows he'll slowly go mad. I'm glad he gets to visit with his sister in this one. It really was as well paced and well written as the first book.

World of Trouble

by: Ben Winters

I read this immediately after Countdown City. The end of the world is getting even closer. There is no electricity, the water is now gone as well. People are having a hard time finding food, clean water, and anything else they might need. Henry has left the safety of his old coworkers compound and is traveling to find his sister. This really broke my heart. Henry was driving himself psychically and emotionally to the edge. You wonder if he'll even survive.

I loved the point that Henry makes, that as the end draws closer, people become frustrated with sleep. Death is literally at your doorstep, wouldn't you be frustrated at the wasted time of sleep? This book really deals with the end and how different people deal. Henry and his traveling companion mark the towns they go through. Some are deserted, some have people holed up in their homes fully bearing arms, and some people decide to just work together and enjoy the company.

I feel Henry's loneliness. Even though he's traveling with someone, it isn't someone he fully trusts. They are using each other, but to what ends?

Will Henry solve his final mystery before the asteroid hits?

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