Friday, May 15, 2015

Book Review: The Memory Journal

By: Steena Holmes

This short story is part of a boxed set called Sweet Talk. The authors are donating the profits to Diabetes Research. I’ve only read The Memory Journal. I am a big fan of Steena Holmes.

This story is taken from The Memory Child (and yes, I recommend it highly). It is a short story created to give us a feel for Charlie’s perspective. Diane is the main character of The Memory Child, Charlie is her sister.

Diane has been dealt a terrible blow, losing her husband and unborn child in the same car accident. Charlie went back to Africa where she works as a volunteer nurse, thinking Diane was on the mend.

Things are not going well, so Charlie must leave her fiance and return to Diane’s side. While Diane does need Charlie, Charlie needs to decide if she can or even should let Dr. Marcus out of her life.

I liked this story more for the characters than the flow. It seemed too rushed and parts did confuse me. But I did care about Charlie’s choices. Plus it was interesting to see how severe Diane’s breakdown really was.

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