Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Book Review: The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop

by: Carolyn Brown

Sometimes a book grabs on and won't let go. This is #3 in a series, which I did not know before. I have to go read the others. I enjoyed all the sassy characters and their little Texas town. The Yellow Rose Beauty Shops is owned by Stella. Her mother wants grandchildren and puts her name on the church prayer list to ask God to find Stella a husband.

Heather, the person in charge of the prayer group puts it on the sign in front of the church for all the world to see. Oh lordy, Stella is spittin' mad!

She ends up in a big fight with her mom, Nancy. She also ends up in a bit of a feud with Heather. Heather thinks she is going to start a Marriage Ministry, helping young women find husbands. Not if Stella and Agnes have anything to say about it. Agnes is a feisty old woman, who has been in a lifelong battle with Heather's aunt. No way is this going to disappear quietly.

It was a fun read, very light. Lots of comparisons to Steele Magnolias, but definitely not as heavy. Agnes is often compared to Ouiser, though. And we can all pretty much agree, who wouldn't want to be that tough in her old age? I know I would.

I read this in just over a day. So while I would say it is very light and a perfect travel book, it also demanded my full attention just because it was so colorful.

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  1. Thank you so so much! I'm glad that you related to the characters. They were so much fun to have in my head all those weeks while I wrote this story!


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