Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Review: The Red-Hot Chili Cook-Off

by: Carolyn Brown

This starts out with Carlene finding absolute proof of her husband having an affair. What's worse? She sold the other woman those panties she found and she knows who it is. The woman had the gall to brag about her "sugar daddy" and her getting away for the weekend. She even came in later to brag about the success. Carlene understandably blows her top.

My favorite part of this whole book is that Carlene doesn't even consider taking that turd back. She runs Bless my Bloomers with her 2 cousins. And the three women are daughters of 3 close sisters. All 6 women and their seamstress decided to enter the Chili Cook-Off just to serve just desserts.

It's full of laughs, ups and downs, even some romance. And most of all, women standing strong. With the arguments and what not, nothing stands between family.

Nothing too deep, but it was a lot of fun. Beach read, anyone?

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