Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Review: Royal Entertainment

by: Marni Fechter

This was pure entertainment. It was a quick and light read. I read this in about a day, really fast for me. I liked it, the characters and the storyline. But all in all I found it lacking. The characters were really superficial. Even Melody didn't know her motivations. She was a social worker who loved the kids she worked with. But her boss was embezzling money. But even that didn't quite make sense. After she was fired, and quite frankly she was right to report him. But the board met, and took her information but couldn't get her rehired. If she's a social worker getting kids the education they need and really fighting for them when they don't have the resources to fight for themselves. She would have been a government employee, not some company. She couldn't have just been fired over the phone, and she could have been rehired. Then she applies at other places...what other places? It's the state government at the very least. Other offices are not other companies and she would have had to go through the state. Ok - that just bugged me.

Then she starts working for Charles Ribbon. Great man that he is, like a gay uncle she knew through a friend. He hires her to work for his party planning company. She doesn't seem to understand what she is doing, the lady training her refuses to giver her any information. Charles just yells at her for not knowing what she is doing but then throws expensive clothes at her. But he seems to love her, and thinks he can't do it without her. Why? She doesn't even grasp the business. But she is personable and can talk to anyone. Most importantly, it seems, she is pretty. She also has gigantic boobs...not sure why this is even part of the story. Is anyone naturally a double-G and skinny? Anyone? It's hard to imagine a down to earth social worker with the body of a porn star.

In spite of all of this, I still really enjoyed myself. It's like reading Sex in the City. You hate it, yet you can't thing you know it's way past your bedtime and you've just binged. It's trashy and oh so fun, even when it bugs you and doesn't make sense.

I'm going to keep my eye on this author. I think this is her first book, in which case it's an amazing first go. I think Marni Fechter has real potential. She needs to watch her storyline, develop her characters and she'll go very far.

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