Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review: The Perfect Son

By: Barbara Claypole White

This book blew me away. It deals with serious family and neurological issues. Ella is at the center, with her husband on one side and her son on the other. Harry, the boy, suffers from Tourette syndrome and ADHD. He also has a healthy dose of anxiety. Felix, the husband, is not diagnosed with anything, but he is way too serious. He chooses to work and stay out of Ella's way with Harry.

This works, until Ella suffers a massive heart attack. Now Harry and Felix only have each other, because Felix is not one to ask for help. You can't help rooting for both of them, even though I truly detested Felix in the beginning. It just goes to show how quickly we judge people without knowing the whole story. They really come together over worrying about Ella, whom they both rely on.

You are left wondering, who is the perfect son? Harry and Felix find that they are striving for the same thing, to please their impossible-to-please father.

This book is incredibly well written and has smooth pacing. I received this for free from my Amazon Prime, but volunteered to review it through NetGalley.

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