Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review: Who Do You Love

by: Jennifer Weiner

First of all, I'd like to thank my local library for getting this ebook for me!

The book starts out with Rachel in bed, heartbroken. Barely able to move. Then it starts out when she's a little girl. And it jumps to Andy as he grows up as well. They both have issues. Rachel has a heart defect, and Andy is half black and half white, feeling like he doesn't fit in anywhere. He lives alone with his mother, and has all the added responsibilities as such. I can relate to that, but the author really paints what he is going through so well.

The two meet when she is around 8 I the hospital. She is there recovering from heart surgery, she finds him in the ER waiting room favoring a newly broken arm. They meet again as teenagers and start dating, long distance. But things just keep happening, and they can't get in sync.

It's so sad. You keep rooting for them.

I loved this book, and felt it was perfectly paced. I read it quickly though, it was just too good to put down.

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