Thursday, September 24, 2015

Book Review: A Window Opens

by: Elisabeth Egan

I truly related to Alice Pearse, the main character in this book. The story is completely from her perspective, which I felt worked in this case. It was about a mother returning to the work force full-time, juggling all that entails. Her husband quit his job to start his own law practice...which added stress to Alice, she has to find time to be with her father, who is a cancer survivor. The job she gets is in direct competition with her best friend's bookstore, so that adds stress as well.

I liked the bookish perspective, and as a mother trying to return to work I get the stress that causes. The biggest issue is that the company she works for, keeps changing it's goals. First it was about offering First editions that people requested and having a great place to hang out and read. Then it was all about ebooks...and it kept shifting from there. Poor Alice was out of her depth.

I loved when she told her mother that she hated her job, her mother doesn't even miss a beat. She's known that for ages. lol

Alice's husband certainly starts the mess, but Alice makes it worse. Can she get back in control?

There were many times I felt the story moved too fast, but I really enjoyed the story. And I suffered from book hangover after, so clearly that format worked overall.

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