Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Book Review: Wynn in Doubt

By: Emily Hemmer

**I was given a free ebook in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley**

This seems to be a recurring theme just now. Wynn's life has stalled. She had wanted to see the world, but somehow felt everyone needed her. She works at a local bar, she subs, and she is there for her family. But she isn't there for Wynn. Enter Oliver, hot music star and high school crush she never got over. And I'm not talking about she loved his work, he went to school with her. Turns out, he had all those same aspirations for her. He couldn't believe she was still in town and hadn't actually been anywhere or done anything.

Along with that she finds out her great-grandmother hadn't died when her grandmother was a baby. She had run off. But why? For some reason the drive to know what happened is tied to what will happen to Wynn.

I liked the story, but I felt the interactions were a little over the top. Ok, so the great-grandmother ran off. Wynn's mother and sisters were incredibly bitter about a woman they knew nothing about. I mean, the grandmother barely even spoke of the woman, so where the heck did all that anger come from? I also was annoyed at how bossy her family was, then when she expresses the desire to go but feels stuck, they are all "well Jesus, it's about time you grew up!" I mean, really? I get that they love her, but they sure aren't nice about it.

But suspension of disbelief, right? I did get into it, which means the writing is pretty good...the story is pretty good.

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