Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm back, baby!

I'm going to write honestly here today, to my remaining 5 readers - lol. Depression and anxiety suck all the fun out of life. I stop talking to friends - not that I do that much talking to begin with. I stop writing, I stop reading, I stop creating. And all that stopping, leads to worse depression and anxiety. Then we have money troubles, and I'm even more stressed. I have been applying for any job I qualify for that would pay enough for me to afford daycare. I actually had an interview on Friday, I would be working in the accounting department with the Saginaw Indian Chippewa Tribe. A job that would not only pay well, but would leave me feeling important, too.

I subbed this last year at my kids' school, and it felt good to get out of the house. To have adults to talk to (other teachers), and to have a task (keeping kids alive for 8 hours). Seriously, I'm kidding, I had to implement lesson plans and keep the kids moving seamlessly through their days. It was fulfilling. So, while I'm looking to get back to accounting, I really, really want a grown up job. I want to make money, stop having to worry every single month if we are going to make it and then just squeaking by.

I still love reading, but it comes in spurts. I've really been into Neil Gaiman lately, and I knew there are some graphic novels he writes. A friend told me about Sandman. Now I've never been one to read comics, usually I tell my kids no way am I reading one. When I picked up Sandman, I was instantly hooked. The added bonus? It's driving my kids crazy. "I thought you said you didn't like comic books, Mama?" "Why are you reading that?" "Will you read me comic books now?"

So I have given in on that one. Ivan has The Stickman Odyssey, both the first and second books that he has read over and over. In fact, the first time he asked me to buy him a book was to request the second book after he had finished the first. So, both boys followed along as we read them...and they were great! Terrifically funny, and yea there's a bit of violence and potty humor, but come on...it's based on ancient Greece. I thought it was going to follow The Odyssey, but it is its own story. It touches on so many Greek myths and stories, that the stories I was able to impart to my children doing something that held their attention was invaluable.

CW and I have been methodically working our way through The Worst Witch books. We read the first in the series, and then I found the full movie on YouTube - do any of you remember this? The boys actually enjoyed it. I can't believe how much CW likes listening to them being they are 100% about girls, and I can't believe I never read them when I was a child. Why didn't anyone tell me??? I'm starting to question the involvement of my librarians - lol.
I'm sure some of you have heard of some settlement from Apple with Amazon and Barnes & Noble for electronic book purchases. I received my notice from Amazon, all of $1.47. Yeah...really wasn't that thrilled and didn't expect much from Barnes & Noble. But I was shocked - over $17!!! Which allowed me to preorder the latest book from one of my newest favorite authors - Amy Reichert. I think it was last year I read her Coincidence of Coconut Cake, she really hooked me with that one! So I have been trying to get a review copy, but that gets harder when you stop writing a blog.

Today, we are at our local library, I got a new tote bag for finishing the adult reading program, and my kids are closer to their final mark. They are lucky, they get to pick out a brand new book to keep!!! I'm friends with the teen librarian, and honestly more of them here know us. I've asked them to do that for adults, too...but there just isn't the money. As my kids would say, it's just not fair! Oh well, I would beg each and every one of you to do what you can to support your local library. When times are tough, and it's hot outside, our library is a calm island of cool and quiet.
Thanks for reading, any and all comments are welcome. What are you reading? Anyone watch OITNB season 4? Any Netflix or Amazon recommendations? And please, any prayers, positive energy, etc. towards my getting this job are appreciated. :)

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  1. Depression sucks! I understand! Everything comes from fear! You have to start building self confidence! Loving yourself! I wish you all the best with the job! Sounds great! Will send out positive energy, that you get it, Angie! I have never heard of the Worst Witch??? Now I have to look into it! Funny about the comics and your kids! Big Hugs!


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