Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Comics - Taco el Gato and Business Cat

by: Candy Briones

Let me just start this one off, it's for adults not kids! I wasn't sure about that, but first page in and it's got some colorful language. I'm not offended, but don't want to be reading this to my kids. Especially with the catnip doobies - lol. I liked the artwork, and I thought it was pretty funny in places. I feel like it's laying the groundwork for later stories.

That being said, I also think it was missing a lot. It just seemed to jump around a lot without a clear story going on. It seemed like it should have been more of a linear story, and it seemed like it was trying to, but it missed the mark.

It's good for a few minutes of entertainment though, and I'll be keeping an eye on this series.

by: Tom Fonder

Well, it made me laugh. But there were a lot that were just ok. I wouldn't have bought this if I looked at it in the store. It's fairly clean, but it's a lot of this guy acting like a cat but he's got a man body. It has scenes that come across as awkward. And the cat with the man head was just weird. I couldn't help comparing it to the Bob Cats, on the those cats are funny! I guess my problem with this one is there is no edge, and it doesn't feel like the comic is trying that hard.

And Taco el Gato is nothing but edge. Go figure...

I got both of these from NetGalley. I thought I'd give them a shot and share them with the boys if I could. Yeah, not really appropriate for the first one and they weren't interested in the second. I'm still working through The Sandman comics, I'm on volume 8. I'm enjoying the story telling that's happening in the Inn at the end of the Worlds.

Ivan has had me reading him comics every night. Did you know about this app called Hoopla Digital? My library offers access to it, so Ivan and I have it on our Kindles. You can access it on the computer, too. I've been getting the Sandman comics on there. Ivan just read 2 volumes of Angry Birds, one of Grumpy Cat - which was pretty funny! And now we are reading this japanamation one about Puppycat. Pupppycat and his owner do these little magic jobs for something or other...I haven't figured out if they get paid or not, but it's cute and Ivan digs it.

That last book I read, really knocked me out. I'm searching for my next read and I figured these comics would be like the sorbet between meals. Uggg, never mind...back to Sandman.

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  1. Even though these two weren't that great, it sounds like you are having fun with Sandman! LOL!


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