Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tonight for dinner I was inspired by a young lady that lives in my park. She said she wanted to bake a pie. And I thought, YES!!! A quiche for dinner.

I must also thank the Andersons as they bought me the recipe book, the mixer and even the stove! Yes, they are wonderful people.

Years ago my husband moved to Alma with his fiance. Well after awhile he realized that he didn't want to marry her and she didn't want to follow the rules of her grandparents - the Andersons. So she left. Well Chris didn't have anywhere else to go so they let him stay. They really "adopted" him.

Fast forward some years and they have accepted all of us as part of the family. My son calls them Grandma & Grandpa and I couldn't imagine not spending Sunday without visiting their home.

This is me rolling the dough for the quiche. It is really surprisingly easy to make the whole thing. There's the crust. I used my King Arthur cookbook for the recipe and my Kitchen Aid mixer for mixing.

Spinach and onion on the bottom, then cheddar cheese and finally the egg mixture.

My lovely son as seen in the next picture, took the shot of me rolling the dough. He's very talented, considering he's not even 4!

And finally Ivan is just fully worn out from all the work and fresh air. We took a walk in the woods today for his home visit.

I have to plug Confessions of a Soccer Mom again. I was going to step out of the giveaways, but there are the COOLEST items today. 1st up is a 6" wire wand with beads and crystals created by Marie Segal. 2nd up are the cutest earbobs by M. Augusta Woodland. And the final giveaway today is a tarot bag with 2 spell candles and some unique natural divination incense by The Witches Britches.

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  1. Oh my ... I think I see quiche in my dinner plans! I have all the ingredients on hand ... and the Kitchen Aid and rolling pin stand ready!


  2. This is sweet and irresistible gone wild. I had to read the first sentence of the third paragraph a few times before I understood what it meant. I gasped a little. I laughed a lot. And then I said, “Yep my girl, you and Acheron (Sherrilyn Kenyon's character) were right all along, fate won’t be denied!” I love this post. I love the pics. And the Andersons ROCK!


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