Friday, October 16, 2009

Schema This!

I'm hard pressed to find a topic right now as I'm fighting yet another wave of depression. With that comes that evil voice that constantly tears down any little bit of self esteem you have.

My husband told me I was sexy because of my attitude, and all I heard was "You don't look good." When I think of writing, the voice says, "No one wants to read it anyway." I made the ultimate mistake of posting on Facebook last night something asking people what their favorite memory was...and no one answered. Oh the evil voice delighted in that!!!

In schema therapy I did learn to identify that voice, and hopefully lesson it's power over me. So today, I'm going on with my life. I have done a load of laundry, I am baking pumpkin cookies and loving my husband and boys. And I'm writing in my blog, and if you don't care or don't want to read it...well that's your choice. I have to do it anyway or I'll never break though.

Depression is a serious issue, and while I have done therapy to get a handle on it, I'm far from cured. But if you do have issues with depression, please get help. And if the therapist you find doesn't mesh with you, keep looking.

This is me and Ivan at the library's Wild Rumpus yesterday evening.

And this is my Wild Thing. While the movie may have scared him, the book still fascinates him. I can't wait to actually see the movie all the way through.

Today we woke up not so early and had breakfast at Crankers. And deciding to be a little wild went to see the 1st showing in Mt. Pleasant. Well it was too loud for Ivan so Chris took him out and got a refund and proceeded to wait for CW and me. CW then started in with, "I want to go with Daddy." "Those guys are scary!" "I don't want to watch this!" So we left and got passes to return. That means on Sunday Chris and I will take turns watching the movie and watching the kids.

The pumpkin cookies are from a recipe on Click here to go to the original recipe. I've found it tastes better without the frosting, although if you made a real cream cheese frosting that might be better. And add more cinnamon, and nutmeg, cloves and ginger.

Peace and Good Night. Registered & Protected


  1. I know all about that evil little voice.

    I really liked my therapist, too bad I couldn't afford to go anymore.

    I wish you continued luck breaking through and whooping some "evil little voice" ass!!

  2. I wish you continued progress and success in dealing with the "evil little voice"

    I was worried the movie may be a bit too scary for many young ones. Its kinda on my "must see" list.


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