Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie Review: Old Dogs

I just borrowed Old Dogs from the local library. It was in the children's section for some reason which means it's free! I was curious but not enough to pay for it.

Turns out I was wrong. This movie was sweet, hearbreaking and hilarious! The Old Dogs are Robin William and John Travolta. They are partners in a marketing firm working on the deal of their lives with a Japanese company. Seth Green is in this as an employee hoping to move to Tokoyo when the deal passes.

The situation is that when Robin Williams had a fun weekend with John Travolta during which he got drunk, and married and unknowingly became a father. 7 years later he meets the lady again, hoping she wants to start up a romance. Then find out he has boy/girl twins and has to watch them for 2 weeks because she is going to jail.

They all stay in Travolta's condo because the place where Williams resides is Adult Only. My favorite part is when Travolta is refusing to help and Williams makes him just a responsible for the creation of those kids as he was. lol

Please, go rent it today! It's a great family movie.

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