Friday, October 22, 2010

My Go-To Comfort Flicks...

Everyone has some movies they go to when they just want to relax and veg. Today I am going to present my top 5 comfort flicks. I encourage all my readers to leave a comment of at least one movie that you watch over and over as well.

1. The 10th Kingdom

I bought this movie ages ago from Wal-Mart for about $13 and I have probably watched it a dozen times since then. It was a mini-series on NBC at one time. It has so many fairy tales interwoven and a new story, that it really creates a new fairy tale. We have Virginia, a waitress in New York living with her father. The prince who was magically turned into a dog. And a Big, Bad (HOTTTT) Wolf. I pop this one in when I'm sick and just sink in and relax.

2. Waitress

This is a new favorite of mine. This one centers around a waitress at a pie joint, and she's a genius with pies. And she's married to an abusive man...and she's just found out she's pregnant. She is miserable...find romance in a very unlikely place...and most importantly she finally finds herself.

3. Mrs. Winterbourne

Well I'm a sucker for anything Brendan Fraser. And I also love Ricki Lake. She lost a lot of weight before staring in this role, but she is still a pretty full figured woman in comparison to most leading ladies. Another baby is key to this movie, there is romance, some cheesy drama and lots of laughs. The co-stars in the family include Paco (Miguel Sandoval) and Grace Winterbourne (Shirley McLaine). Key plot device here, mistaken identity.

4. Overboard

How can you not love Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel (hey isn't that is daughter staring in Waitress???)? Real life lovers bring an unmistakable chemistry. Plus they are both really funny. Goldie plays a rich woman who has never worked for anything in her life. My favorite line in life comes from this movie, delivered by Kurt, "You're so goddamned bored, you have to invent stuff to bitch about!" Which was his response when she refused to accept the pine closet he built for her on her boat (she wanted cedar, but as he points out, Moths aren't a real problem off the pacific coast). When she falls overboard and loses her memory, he sees an opprotunity to get his money back. He makes her believe she is his wife so she has to cook, clean and care for the children while he works. Unplanned for, she loves being a mother and falls in love with Kurt.

5. Look Who's Talking

Kirsty Alley is one of my favorite actresses. I love her look, her voice and how she carries herself. Did you know she is a clean freak? She cleans her own home by hand because no one could live up to her standards. Before she made it, she was a cleaning lady. Also this is my favorite roll for John Travolta. Kirsty has a baby with a married client (she is a CPA). Back in the day when I dreamed of being a CPA I really looked up to this character - all except the sleeping with a married client. When she finally realizes this guy is no good, she goes all out to find the perfect father for Mikey. Who knew he was right under her nose. The cab driver who got her to the hospital when she went in labor and found her after to deliver her purse (which oddly enough still held her diaphram). He needs her address to find care for his grandfather so they work out a babysitting schedule. Yes, romance does ensue. And Mikey (Bruce Willis) has his own funny dialogue throughout the film.

So check out my favorites if you wish and leave a comment telling me yours.

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. good choices :) One of mine is "Practical Magic " and then "Pretty Woman" . Lets see "Scrooged " is another one i really enjoy .


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