Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Y&R Confusion

Or maybe I should say annoyance.  I've been watching The Young & the Restless for my entire life.  It's one of my mom's favorites.  I never really watched it but after 18 yrs of snow days, sick days and summer vacations I obviously absorbed some of it.  I remember certain characters, and I know old plot lines.  So when I had CW it was natural that I picked right up.

Now granted this is a soap opera, and the name of the game is drama.  But when I had CW, Nick left Sharon because he knocked up Phyllis.  And they were all lovey dovey for a few years.  GAG.  Anyway, Sharon married Brad...I think...wait no, I think that was Victoria.  Ummmm Oh yeah, Sharon married Jack.  But she couldn't stop obsessing over Nick so they split.  Then troubles started for Phyllis and Nick and he knocked up Sharon.  So...that's it there...they dragged it on but eventually Phyllis said screw it.  So Nick and Sharon end up back together.

Now in this we've got Adam, long lost son of Victor (Nick and Victoria's 1/2 brother).  He convinces Jack's sister (her name escapes me now) that she is pregnant but she isn't.  Then he has a doctor lie to sharon that her baby died in childbirth and then took said baby to Jack's sister.  I never did figure out the reason for that plot device.  But it all was discovered and the baby was returned.

So, knowing what Adam did here you'll understand why I'm so annoyed.  Sharon was briefly married or dating Adam before this came out.  It seemed she was getting back with Nick.  Completing their happy family.  Granted I don't watch too much, the plot lines take forever to get to the end and I get sick of people whining for 2 weeks.  lol  Anyway, I tune in and see that Sharon is with Adam, and Nick is suing for custody because Sharon is being a nitwit.  He won, BTW.

I'm so done with Sharon.  As I said, I know drama is the game but she creates extra drama and whines and messes up ALL THE TIME!  I told my mom I wish they'd finally kill her off after this last one.  I mean, seriously what is more unforgiveable than someone telling you your baby is dead and then kidnapping it???  Only thing I can think of is actually killing your baby.
Thank you for participating in my Y&R rant of the day.  What soap plot drove you nuts?

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