Monday, April 4, 2011

My Back-Story...

I thought that today I would do a little personal expose. When I was little I went to the First Baptist Church of Owosso and then Bay City. And I LOVED it. Sunday was my favorite day of the week...especially in Owosso. Then I started getting older, making friends. For awhile I went to a Methodist church. Teen years hit and my faith faltered. I did get baptized when I was 14 after my great-grandma Keehn died. I think the death freaked my mom out and we all started going to church again - as I child I had always gone alone. I was enjoying it up until I was actually baptized and my sunday school teacher asked me if I felt filled with the spirit, wasn't it the best feeling ever? I nodded but honestly I felt cold, wet and had water up my nose. That was when I lost my Christian faith.

Many years later, on Halloween night with my first husband I started doing internet searches on withces. I was looking for a spooky story. We were waiting for trick-or-treaters...who never did show up! Anyway I stumbled upon lots of information about modern pagans, witches and wiccans. And it felt like finding home. I started reading after that, Silver Ravenwolf was my first mentor (via her books) and then Scott Cunningham. I met friends, met some crazy people...but even that wasn't a bad experience because that was where I met a lady who is still one of my dearest friends.

As for now my faith still isn't 100%, and I don't like to practice alone. Also living in the boonies means being open about what you practice isn't the safest course of action either.

Maybe someday fate will move me closer to my sisters. But until then I just refuse to put any pressure on myself. One think I love is that this isn't a religion that threatens me with Hellfire for what I don't do. I also don't know if I am a witch, wiccan or pagan. I guess for now I don't think labels are important and I am just me.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I had my children in catholic school, i was a para in special ed at the school and we went to mass but....i just didnt buy the whole idea of christianity and there were never any answers to my questions other than someones speculation or opinion. Then I met the apartment manager that was on my mail route (i delivered mail for about a year). She was a witch, born into it and it all made sense and for once in my life, I was comfortable and she taught me alot, then i started to read. I've never looked back and that was about 13 years ago :)


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