Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guest Post by Bert Murray

First, I want to thank Angela Holtz for allowing me to write this guest blog! I enjoy reading Angela's reviews.

I am writing this author guest post at a beautiful beach in Long Island, New York. It is ninety degrees with bright sunshine but there is a cool breeze blowing in as well.

I'm obsessed by the ocean. I love to watch the waves as they roll in and crash against the sand. I'm thinking about my novel, Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled as I stare out at the water. Most of all I wanted that novel to show what it is like for a guy to fall in love.

Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled is about that important moment in a young man's life when he feels the powerful surge of emotion for a girl that goes beyond lust and can only be called - love.

For a guy, who has never felt it before, falling in love, can be overwhelming. It can make everything else in life seem unimportant. It is a shock to the system.

I'm staring out at the ocean again. I feel the soft sand between my toes and fingers. July is my favorite month of the year.

I was searching for a way to have Colin Preston, my main character, express his feelings as he was falling in love. I thought about my own life and came up with an idea: classic rock.

I decided to have Colin be a huge Beatles and John Lennon fan. The amazing music of the Beatles seemed to me up to the task of expressing the turbulent emotions Colin was experiencing. Beatles songs say it all for Colin. His life experience and the songs become one.

I'm closing my eyes and breathing in the salt air. I love this beach!
I hope you decide to make Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled your summer "beach read".

- Bert Murray

July 7, 2011

Thank you for taking the time to share with my readers and me. It was a pleasure both reading your book and working with you on this post. You can check out Bert Murray's website at

And the winner of Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled is Lisa Brawner of Tribal Horse Designs.