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Interview with Author Carol Cassada

Interview provided by A Cozy Reader's Corner.

Did you find it hard to have so many characters with their own thoughts and opinions, but they all somehow are connected to each other? Does it ever get confusing?
I admit it was hard having all those characters in a book and coming up with ideas for their backgrounds, and I’m sure it may be confusing to readers. But with Westmore I wanted to show diversity in the characters; in the story there’s a pair of rock singers, a conservative medical student, a dedicated policeman, and snooty older couples. I wanted different characters, somebody the readers could love and relate to, and then someone they would hate.

One other aspect that makes Westmore unique is the three families; the rich, upper class Braxtons and Reynolds, then the middle class Greens. Even though the families are from opposite social circles, they have relationships with each other. It not only gives readers a sense of their personalities but also helps with the flow of the story.

Without giving too much away, what's your favorite part of Westmore and why? Do you have a favorite character?
One scene I really love and think is powerful is when Wayne Braxton fed up with his father’s controlling behavior finally confronts him. Throughout his childhood Wayne’s let Andrew dominate his life, but now that he’s an adult he’s tired of it. Then when Andrew takes his behavior too far, Wayne stands up to him and lets him have it. It’s one of those scenes that people will applaud; happy the villain gets what’s coming to him.

As for characters, Charlotte and Alicia Green are two of my favorites because I modeled them after my mother and me. Much like my mom, Charlotte’s only wish in life is for her children to be happy and she’s supportive of their dreams. As for Alicia, we both have a combination those girly-girl and tomboy personalities, plus we both grew up with brothers who love to tease, yet hold our own when it comes to them.

Are you currently working on volume 2? Do you have an idea of when it will be released?
I’m in the process of editing volume 2, which I hope to release sometime in September. Then I’ll begin volume 3 and continue on with the series, either until the readers tire of it or I feel it’s time to end it.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I considered myself a writer when my first book Going Home Again was published, because all my hard work had paid off and I was now a part of the industry.

How personal or realistic is your writing?
My writing is very personal; most of the characters are modeled after me and my family. In a way its how I show my dedication, to thank them for supporting and encouraging me.

Another thing that makes my writing personal is the drama in the story. My family’s not prone to turmoil, there been lots of arguments and fights on both sides, and by incorporating this into my novels it helped relieve the stress I was feeling during those times.

What is your writing routine?
Usually I like to sleep in, then eat breakfast, exercise, and do chores. I’ll start writing around mid-afternoon. One thing I need when writing is privacy, if I have too many people around, then they’ll be coming in and out of the room and it’s too distracting. When working I like to turn on rock music to get my creativity flowing. Now how much I write varies day-to-day. Sometimes I can write a chapter, others it’ll be a few short scenes, and then there are days when I just take a break.

What's your big distraction or vice while writing?
I admit I find it hard to concentrate while writing, I’ll be in the middle of a sentence, and then I’ll stop everything and search the web for the latest celeb gossip or look up the name of a song I’m hooked on, crazy stuff like that.

Just for fun:

Who is your celebrity crush? (writer/actor/musician)
At the moment Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii Five-O, I tune in every Monday night to see his handsome face.

3 Things we readers may not know about you.
  1. I tend to cuss.
  2. I have a rose tattoo on my left ankle and would like to get more.
  3. I have a fondness for margaritas.
Top 3 things on your bucket list.
  1. Travel, I definitely would love to visit New York and California. I’d also love to go to England and Ireland to trace my family heritage.
  2. Try surfing, even though I’d probably fall off the board.
  3. Sing karaoke, sounds silly, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try, but can’t bring myself to do.
Top 3 most listened to songs on your iPod.
  1. Queen of the Forest by Ted Nugent
  2. Rock You Like a Hurricane by The Scorpions
  3. Juke Box Hero by Foreigner
Your guilty pleasure. (tv show, food, etc.) I like reality shows, mostly the TLC shows; 19 Kids and Counting, Sister Wives, and The Little Couple. As for The Kardashians and Jersey Shore, I don’t care for any of that crap; I’ve had enough of them.
You can find Carol at her website - or on Twitter @dramacjc

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