Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feeling a little wicked?

Me too. I think it's because I am coming out of a fall induced funk. And also my good friend Magaly has inspired me. Magaly if I ever make it that way again, we are so going out for coffee. On the other side of probably not ever going to happen - if you ever make it to Michigan I'll get you some Biggby. lol

So onto how she inspired me. She talked on her blog Pagan Culture about her friend who is getting divorced after years of marriage...a marriage that had stepchildren. What an awful place to be, children she's taken care of all that time are understandably upset and taking out their hurt by using angry words on her. It stinks that she is just supposed to walk away from them and it's breaking everyone's heart. Then Magaly spoke of her own experience with her own stepdaughter. There's lots of love, but love brings pain. It's unrealistic to expect anything else. But it also brings unbridled joy.

Along with this she was given...and I think stole...a few blogger awards and then insisted we all do the same. I am going to follow through on that because I feel like it. See? Feeling a little wicked. When I am done, feel free to go visit Magaly and steal them for yourself.

Which actually comes from another blog I love - MagicLoveCrow - see that crow picture up there? She painted that for me.

There's math involved here too. Magaly did 13 things about herself. But the 1st award says to do 7, the 2nd says 5, and the third calls for 2. That's 14. Hmmm...but since you get to make your own rules, I think I'll go with 7...the max number.

  1. I let my boys sleep with us for the first 6 years...they still join us occasionally but their growth demanded we all get our own sleeping space.
  2. I am afraid of the dark...most especially mirrors and under my bed. I have to force myself to stand next to my bed in my dark bedroom without screaming and jumping into bed.
  3. I can't sleep in a lit room. Ironic right? I'm afraid of the dark but it must be dark in order to sleep. LOL
  4. I wish I could go back to school for computer programming...but my already outrageous student loan debt prevents that.
  5. I had a hard time breastfeeding my boys. It's why I think you should never judge a woman for not breast feeding. I tried my hardest, it took 2 months to get CW to latch on and after 2 1/2 months with Ivan I finally gave up the fight. I was drying up. It broke my heart, it still does. And passing judgement on a woman who might be going through that is just mean.
  6. I think anyone should be allowed to marry. At this point it's more a government thing than a religious one anyway. It gets you on your partners insurance, helps if there's a death, and cements a family that very well may have children in it.
  7. I have a raccoon skull and an alligator head (dried out of course) in my house. CW found the raccoon skull out in the ditch behind our house. The alligator head I won from Me vs. College...which is now All Rocks go To Heaven.

And now onto you my lovely readers. Explore, go visit the links on this page. Feel free to steal the awards for yourself. Post your link in the comments so people can visit your page too.


  1. I love this post, it is fun and then some. I like how it inspires, teaches and even pushes some of us to think about the reasons others might have to act a certain way (i.e. not breastfeeding) before we begin to pass judgement.

    I can't sleep in a lit room either, or with any open doors; weird, huh?

    You might have to buy me some Biggby next year ;-) I received an invitation to The Lake Michigan Writing Project, to teach a workshop. And if it doesn't interfere with my work here, I might go. I do miss the Midwest, especially in the summer ;-(

  2. I can't sleep in a lit room either. The little light on the fire alarm drives me nuts. My other can sleep anywhere at anytime.
    We let our children sleep with us for the first couple of years and it broke my heart when our youngest didn't want to sleep with us. Now he's 15 and will sneak in some evenings while I read and sleep with me for a bit.

  3. What an absolutely fun post, Angie. I am afraid of the dark as well, my friend. Always have been. I love that you gals stole those awards. I have a few on my blog you might like. ;-)

  4. Hey Angie! Great post ;o) Glad you stole the awards ;o) I am going to do one more too ;o) Alligator head and raccoon skull and you are afraid of the dark? I hope they aren't looking at you, while you are trying to sleep! LOL! Have a great one ;o) (thanks for mentioning about me doing your banner once again ;o) I am truly honored seeing it on your blog ;o) )


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