Sunday, December 18, 2011

Knit One, Pearl One

by: Gil McNeil

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Knit one...It's been a busy few years since Jo Mackenzie lost her husband. Life has brought adventure, surprises, unexpected pleasures, and, of course, lots of knitting. Jo's seaside yarn shop, with a brand new cafe, has taken off, keeping her busier than ever. And being a single mum to two boys and headstrong toddler Pearl is just as exhausting and enchanting as she thought it would be. On top of all that, celebrity diva Grace has a secret; Jo's firecracker best friend Ellen is launching a new television series; and lovable but hapless Martin continues his oft misguided attempts to woo Jo. Just when Jo thinks she has about all she can handle, Daniel, Pearl's globe-trotting dad, turns up out of the blue . . .

Purl one...But with a little help from her friends, and her beloved Gran, Jo is building a new life for herself by the sea, stitch by stitch. Warm and witty, Knit One Pearl One will delight new readers to the Beach Street series and give the legions of existing fans a chance to visit the British seaside again, without having to worry about the weather.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a love affair with yarn. Even if my hands don't cooperate. So the cover filled with so many balls of yarn would catch my eye in the bookstore. Win!

If I'm not mistaken, this is the 3rd book in the continuing saga of Jo Mackenzie's life in the small seaside town of Broadgate. Jo is working on raising her 2 boys and Pearl, her surprise baby from an affair with Daniel when she was in Italy after Nick died. She is still seeing Martin but there isn't much passion there.

Funny thing is, Jo seems fine with the way things are. She doesn't like drama, even if it does seem to find her anyway. I respect this. We all make mistakes.

Connie, her Italian friend is pregnant and Mark (Connie's husband) is Mr. Perfect. He knows how to cook and he patiently takes all the pregnancy crabbiness his wife can dish out. Connie's family has also been sending up young girls to learn the language. Cinzia has been helping out as a part-time Nanny for Jo. She is very beautiful and stirs up some mild trouble wherever she goes. Cinzia isn't a central character, but she does add some sizzle.

Ellen finally married Harry and they have a little boy as well. Little Eddie. And Ellen hasn't changed a bit. Harry takes care of Eddie and works freelance when he can and Ellen has just gotten her own talk show. So of course she's after Jo to get Grace on her show. It all works out, and I'm happy to see Jo doing so well in her shop. I wish we saw more of that. A small town shop selling local and beyond but using local help for the excess. We would all be better off, don't you think? More little shops instead of giant Wal*Marts everywhere?

Anyway, it's a great story. Very laid back with lots of ups and downs. I was terrified when Connie had her baby, but you'll have to read about that yourself. Great book to buy with all the Barnes & Noble and Amazon gift cards you all got for Christmas.


  1. Aren't the best books the ones where the tales are not only interesting, but they have that extra bit that speaks just to us?

  2. I wanted to stop by and wish you and your lovely family a very merry Christmas.


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