Saturday, July 8, 2017

Book Review: Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Let me say, my youngest (age 8) tends to get stuck on certain books and reads them over and over again. He mostly likes graphic novels; he absolutely devours them. When he likes something, I usually buy it for him because it will be read repeatedly.  

I checked out this story from our library. Getting him to read before bed isn't usually an issue. I asked him last night to at least try this one. To give it a few pages, and then decide if he wanted to read it or not.

Over an hour later he asked if his 20 minutes were up. And if that doesn't convince you that this is an engaging story, he read during the day. My video gaming only while the sun is out boy took his Kindle and instead of Hungry Shark Evolution, finished reading this book.

I was going to read it myself, tonight when he was finishing it up.  So we'd kind of read it together. I got online to find a notice from Goodreads suggesting what I could read next. "Ivan, did you finish Sunny Side Up?" I asked as he walked into the living room.  

"Yup! I told you it was good, Mom!" Then he said that I had to give it 5 stars. I pulled it up and read it myself, very quick for an adult. It was a sweet story, funny and sometimes sad.

You can read the description and decide for yourself.  It's another memoir style book (graphic novel), along the lines of El Deafo (which I also recommend).  It takes place in the summer of 1976, but it jumps back to explain why she ended up with her Grandpa in Florida. I found it easy to follow, although a little confusing in the beginning before I caught on to what was happening. 

All in all, a light read dealing with a serious issue.  

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  1. I enjoy your re views. there are so many books out there that it is nice to hear another persons review before I buy them


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